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When your internet marketing needs a lift, look no further than KōHN Creative as your local SEO company.

KōHN Creative has the tools and the team dedicated to internet marketing. We create targeted content and monitor keywords- all designed to boost website traffic.

Improve your Maryland SEO ranking

What makes a local Maryland Search Engine Optimization company special?

When you use a Maryland SEO company, you can trust that we will target your customer demographic. We carefully tailor keywords and content to reflect both your audience and your locality. If your target customer is in Maryland (or a Maryland affiliate market), it doesn’t make sense to spend time and resources targeting customers in other states. Our SEO team will help your company narrow the scope of your search engine optimization so customers can easily find your business. KōHN Creative SEO will help you identify and out-rank your local competitors in local search engine results.

Not in Maryland? You’re not left out. KōHN Creative can also help with search engine optimization for your nationally marketed business. Learn more about these internet marketing services and others, including Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.

Why choose KōHN Creative as your Maryland SEO company for internet marketing?

With 30+ years experience operating in the Baltimore, Maryland market, KōHN Creative has established a local business network that spans from Washington, DC to Pennsylvania. Optimization of your website’s search engine results for your local customers is KōHN Creative’s top priority. Our SEO team is uniquely aligned with our web development team to customize your website to out-perform and out-rank your competition. KōHN Creative combines SEO best practices, keyword research, domain analytics, enterprise partners, and proven digital marketing experience to deliver positive SEO results.

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Components of Maryland Search Engine Optimization

Understanding the Basics

A competitive online presence starts with SEO. The basic goal of search engine optimization is to improve your ranking in Google searches and other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, etc. Your search ranking is how high up you appear on the results pages of any given web search (known as a keyword or a query).

In today’s business environment, a complete marketing plan includes digital marketing. Digital marketing means moving up in the search engine rankings. SEO is a key factor in generating an online digital marketing presence. Search engine optimization is the foundation of the user search experience. A general rule of thumb to remember is: If it’s good for users, it’s good for SEO.

SEO Research

Our SEO research sources the most relevant, up-to-the-minute data. SEO research requires hours of online searching and analysis with access to vast pools of data. Our researchers sift and sort the information so your business can focus on what matters. SEO reports deliver detailed and summarized analyses.

SEO Analysis

With access to industry leading SEO platforms, our technical analysis reveals key SEO data. We analyze keywords, trends, broken links (4xx URL errors), sitemaps, domain metrics, competition of advertisers, cost-per-click and much more.

KōHN Creative SEO can help your company:
  • Identify keywords
  • Create rich, searchable content
  • Enhance your meta and ‘alt’ content
  • Identify and reduce/eliminate duplicate content
  • Analyze your domain for keywords and content
  • Analyze the domain(s) of your competitors
  • Audit your site’s internal links and back links
  • Perform a full site audit
  • Manage your social media content
  • Optimize your online business profile for enhanced search engine presence
  • Connect with hundreds of local and national search engines and social media sites






Tailor your site with SEO best practices
Keyword auditing and analysis to determine the effectiveness of your site’s content
Internal-link auditing for a more relevant browsing experience
Back-link auditing for a greater search engine relevance
Content auditing for optimizing  your site’s copy text and eliminating ineffective and duplicate content
In-depth keyword research, determining which keywords are most effective in generating search traffic to your site
In-depth domain research and analysis of your site’s presence vs. your competitor’s
Manage site maps for optimal “crawling”
Editing of meta content and ‘Alt tags’ for prime content placement on search engines
SEO quarterly reporting of search engine analyses and trends
Google MyBusiness Page management
Competitor domain and keyword analysis, determining the difference separating you from your competitor
Content creation and copy writing for effective and searchable content
Connect and manage various social media pages, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others
 Backlink building  
 Internet marketing campaign analysis  

Local Maryland SEO Results vs. National SEO Results

For some businesses, large-scale e-commerce for example, targeting search engine optimization locally may not be as important. For most other businesses however, the most likely website visitors to become customers and clients are those closest to you–don’t miss the opportunity to reach them! As a business, Google will give you preferential treatment in your local space, but it’s important that you optimize your Maryland Search Engine Optimization so Google understands your businesses offerings and location to bring you the right customers.

If you try to compete for national SEO rankings, you’ll be competing with national companies (and more of them!). Your efforts will be far more effective if you focus on your local SEO. For example, a small hardware store will never be able to rank higher than Lowe’s or Home Depot, but they may have great success if they focus their efforts into competing in the local space for searches like “hardware store near me” or “hardware store MD.” Maryland Search Engine Optimization means targeting and dominating the search results of search engine users in your area.

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