We saw the need and we filled it.

Carroll County was ready for a magazine targeted to the local lifestyle and community, and KōHn delivered. Since the start, the response has been tremendous. The community loves looking through the magazines, not only to see interesting stories and people they know, but also to know what’s going on around their community.

Magazines and Periodicals


Carroll Magazine is published every other month in print and daily online. We are proud to represent the best lifestyle magazine in Carroll County, Maryland. More people read Carroll Magazine than any other publication in the county.


With periodicals, newsletters and other annual publications, you can keep your customers up-to-date and informed. We can even do the mailing & shipping for you.


If you sent a mailer, you would spend around $1.00 a unit to get your mailer delivered. Advertise with us and we’ll cut your costs by 7 1/2 times! Ads are printed in full color and mailed to business buyers. All ads are full pages.


Carroll Business Quarterly includes only stories that are an easy read and pertinent to business owners. All of the editorial content is written by local business owners that understand doing business in Carroll County.  It’s a great way to reach other businesses to promote your company, and, by far the least expensive method to reach close to 5000 companies. Normally, we would expect 2.5 readers per business. Therefore, the readership would be closer to 15,000. Interested in advertising?  Contact Lynn Olexy at


This monthly publication goes to anyone moving into Carroll County and features information that new residents want to learn about….from our historic towns and cities to the arts and culture.  Readers will learn where to find parks, fishing and other recreational activities.  Our New Mover names are obtained from the courthouse records as well as documents related to their move.  Each month we purchase a new list.  You won’t have to worry about anything, we design, print and mail.  It is the most affordable way to get your message out to the New Movers in Carroll County.  Interested in advertising? Contact Lynn Olexy at

Find out how your business can reap the benefits of advertising in Carroll and Hanover Magazine. Our variety of publications can keep your customers up-to-date and attract new ones as well.

Carroll and Business Quarterly Magazines


Not only can we help create your idea in-house, we can also print and mail your publication too.

We can produce any publication item for you from a design standpoint. We are also able to print your newsletters and periodicals in-house, and handle the mailing side of it as well. Allow us to take the stress out of figuring out how to get a newsletter in your customer’s hands throughout the year and allow yourself to focus on the business.

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