Web Design & Digital Marketing

We design beautiful, responsive websites, unique to your business.

Our web design blends stunning graphics with code you can rely on. As a result, you get a website that will capture your audience and keep them coming back.

We design beautiful, responsive websites, unique to your business.

Our web design blends stunning graphics with code you can rely on to give you a site that will capture your audience and keep them coming back.

Our Web Design & Digital Marketing Services


A key component of digital marketing is email marketing. With our email marketing, you can create and manage unlimited campaigns to reach your target audience. You can be sure your emails will reach the inbox and won't be send to spam.


SEO is the practice of optimizing a website to rank high in the search engines. Our SEO specialists use the latest technology and ideas to get your site to the top. We also give our SEO clients quarterly reports, so you're able to see the results.


In need of web hosting? Our web design team develops and hosts websites and email lists taking your digital marketing to competitive new levels. If you already have a site designed and just need hosting, we can do that too.


Set your digital marketing off the charts with stunning footage and photography captured through a variety of top-of-the-line tools. We can provide photography & videography for websites, online ads, print materials, and more.


Web Hosting & Web Development

If you are looking for unique functionality in your website design, we have a range of web hosting and web development capabilities.


We commonly develop online forms for appointment booking, event registrations, admission applications, and more. If you already have a booking/registration system you like, we can almost always integrate your chosen third-party software into your new website.


For e-commerce web development, we integrate online stores where owners can easily manage the inventory themselves. We use secure payment systems so you can be sure your customers’ sensitive information will be protected.


These are just a few things we do regularly.  Our web development has also helped clients manage memberships and subscriptions, run forums, and more. We go out of our way to help our clients get exactly the functionality they are looking for in their new website, so if we haven’t done it before, our web developers will work with you to develop a custom solution.

WordPress: The Ultimate Content Management System

Have the ability to access and edit your website just like a professional web designer. No coding knowledge necessary.

WordPress is a web development platform with a user-friendly ‘back-end’ Content Management System. It’s the right choice for most medium and small businesses because once we’ve built the site, we can teach the website owner to become their own WordPress web designer to make adjustments and updates themselves – no programming knowledge needed! Did you know The New Yorker, Sony Music, MTV News, and millions of other websites including that of Fortune 500 companies are built on the WordPress platform?

Here are some things our clients manage for themselves:

Contact Form Submissions & Registrations
Event Postings
Blog Posts
Products, Inventory, & Sales
Photo Galleries

Of course, if managing your website is not your thing, or you don’t have time or man-power, we can do it for you.

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A competitive online presence starts with SEO.

It’s not enough to have a beautiful website; people have to find it. We’ll employ the best-practices of digital marketing and develop a long term plan to bring your website to the top of the search results. We have different SEO plans ranging from keyword targeting and monitoring, to content creation designed to bring in viewers.

Search engine optimization is all about driving traffic to your site, but at Kohn Creative, we go beyond that. We want to improve your ranking in keywords (search terms) that make sense for your business. We want to keep people on your site longer too. Kohn does this by making your site faster, easier to use, and more valuable to the user. In some cases, we do this by creating SEO-friendly content, or providing you tips on what content you should create. Ultimately, we want to get users across the finish-line: Make a purchase, give your business a call, fill out a contact form, or visit your location. These are the “conversions” you ultimately want to make, and the reason you care about SEO in the first place.

Learn About Maryland SEO →

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Optimize the site for SEO purposes
Adjust page titles and meta content (the excerpts you see on Google)
Set up interlinking text on relevant topics on your site
Add alt text to images (so search engines can read images)
In-depth keyword research, finding which keywords will be most effective and give the most value
Submit site to online directories (currently 70+)
Manage and submit site maps for indexing
Create backlinks to the site from related industry sites
Submit site to  bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Digg, etc.
Quarterly reports of Search Engine rankings for targeted keywords
Submit articles and press releases to various online directories
Create rich-snippets (articles, images, recipes, etc.) that features in a highlighted format
Identify and correct drop-off areas on your website (pages that lose visitors)
Setup and manage social media pages such as Facebook and YouTube
Identify possible post opportunities rich in high-value keywords
Quarterly reporting of Search Engine rankings for website traffic, and many other traffic statistics


SEO is the long-game. If you need a quick, short-term boost, talk to us about other digital marketing options, like running a social media campaign or a Google AdWords campaign.

If you’re launch a brand new site, we sometimes recommend this in combination with search engine optimization to help kick-start your site’s traffic. Just remember, those boosts in traffic only last as long as you are paying Facebook or Google to promote your ad.


Google Ads appear around the top of a search page matching pre-set criteria. You pay per click on your ads, so it's important to carefully target your campaign.


Facebook offers powerful demographic sorting to accurately target your ad. Again, you pay per click. The advantage Facebook provides is the ability to link an image or post to better grab attention.


If you have an existing customer list including emails, an email campaign is great option to introduce them to a new site.

Web Hosting + Web Development = Your life, easier.

web hosting
Tired of your web developers and designers having to go back and forth with your web host to troubleshoot a problem? Not with KoHN. Our in-house web and email hosting capabilities assure you that your site’s ‘front-end’ will work with its ‘back-end’ seamlessly.

What is hosting? When you type in a domain name, KohnCreative.com, for example, you are accessing that website from a server. The server that your website is housed on is ‘hosting’ your site. We have servers in-house and protect your site with off-site backups in cities around the country. Rest assured, we employ best practices to protect your data and keep your site running smoothly.


Access emails from your phone, Outlook, Apple Mail, or the web from our email server, and have local, friendly support ready to help.


Electroletter.com is the web-based email marketing service that gets results. Manage, send and track your company’s email newsletters and announcements with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Create and manage unlimited email campaigns
  • Track opens, clicks and unsubscribes with real-time statistics tracking
  • Create and manage custom templates with a WYSIWYG editor
  • Import and export users
  • Reach your target audience at a FRACTION of the price of snail mail
email marketing graphic


On-Site & Studio Photography

We take photos in our studio and on-site. We have a variety of light-boxes, specialty flashes and back drops to suit the occasion. We’ll use our wide angle lens to get the most out of tight spaces and a macro lens to make close-up details look spectacular.
We create interactive, explorable images with our 360° Camera. Virtual reality images are great on any device! You can easily embed the virtual reality viewer on any website, or we’ll set up a link you can use to share.


Video is fast becoming the standard form of visual presentation online; it’s more engaging and has the opportunity to impart more information and feeling to an online viewer than text and imagery alone. Our in-house videographer has can create polished, engaging videos and imagery to enhance your websites and marketing materials. From interviews to aerial pan-overs, video is a great way to capture the attention of your audience and keep them engaged. View some of our projects below!

Drone Video Footage & Aerial Photography

We are one of a few FAA certified Drone Operators and have a license to fly commercially. Our team can talk to you about flying restrictions and walk you through planning the shoot. We will also listen to your needs for marketing and convey that in your video. We can work with any lighting and know how to capture the best angles. Our clients have used our drone photography for websites, advertisements, real estate marketing, print materials, and more!