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KōHN Creative is a full-service graphic design, web design and digital marketing agency. We are dedicated to making your business look good and succeed.
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Our web design team blends stunning graphics with code you can rely on. Elegant web design captures people's attention and keeps them visiting your website. Our web designers deliver on all of your website's needs: from landing pages to full-scale e-commerce sites.


If you see it, we can design it! Our graphic designers work with you to ensure your graphic design works best for you and gets you noticed. Kohn Creative’s graphic design team will capture your style and produce custom graphic design solutions to meet your goals.


As part of our graphic design services, we offer logo design. Our logo designers apply their skill and creativity to your project. As a result, you end up with a logo design and brand identity that fully suits your business.


Our in-house printing company has the capabilities to handle ALL your printing needs. So, we can design and print your project to spec, all in one building. Our digital printing presses produce high-quality prints to get you out of a jam.


Kohn Creative is the publisher of Carroll Magazine- a publication in Carroll County, Maryland. The local public looks to our magazine to see interesting stories and people they know. They can also find out the news in Carroll County.


Think BIG – words to live by, and we make it happen. Kohn Creative produces a wide selection of large format printing right in our company. For instance, 100′ outdoor banners and displays for national retailers. Our all-season outdoor signage, displays and exhibits are designed and built to custom order.


Can your website be found in search engines? Part of our digital marketing services is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our web designers develop a long term SEO marketing strategy to bring your website to the top.


We offer secure and reliable web hosting. Our in-house web and email hosting assure you that your site’s ‘front-end’ will work with its ‘back-end’ seamlessly. We'll handle it all. So you don't have to worry.


Email marketing is a very efficient way to reach your customers. Manage, send and track your company’s email newsletters and announcements with a few clicks of the mouse. Our web designers can help you design and send your email campaigns.

Web & Graphic Design Services | Print Company in Maryland

KoHN Creative is a full-service marketing agency in Westminster, Maryland. Brothers Matt and Josh Kohn started the marketing company in the mid-1980’s. Since then, KoHN Creative has grown each year, coming up with new marketing strategies. We started out as a graphic design company. Then, we brought in printing presses so we could both design and print in-house. We later started offering web design and development in the mid-1990’s. After that, we started offering digital marketing services including: SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, and more. Through all of this, we’ve become not only a marketing agency, but a content developer. Our tools include graphic design, web development, printing, publishing, online ad creation, exhibit, and videography. With all these means, we can provide your company with the content it needs to get to the next level.

Most of our marketing clients are based in Baltimore, Washington, and Westminster, Maryland and the nearby areas. We’ve also provide web design and digital marketing to many companies all over the country including New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida. Whether you’re a Baltimore entertainment venue,  a summer camp for kids, or a catering company, our graphic designers and marketing team can work with you to help your company succeed. We would love to become your marketing partner. Contact us today to get started.

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